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Founded in 2014, Orlanda Engineering provides high-quality and optimal design solutions. With years of experience, we take pride in the quality of our projects and our ability to offer personalized solutions to our clients. Our commitment to high-quality performance is strengthened by the innovative solutions we have provided over the years.
Estonia, Turkmenistan, Poland, Israel
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Our mission
We aim to create an environment that enhances life quality and inspires our clients. Our goal is to shape a better world through engineering artistry.
Our principles
We are building an organization that unites experienced professionals. To implement our client concepts, our team uses innovative engineering technologies and exceptional competence. We flawlessly conceive and execute projects, with an emphasis on quality and safety.

Our perspective
We adhere to the values of responsibility, reliability, and sustainability in every aspect of our work. Our perspective is a vision of the future, where our engineering solutions create better living and working conditions, contributing to the development of a more favorable world.
Our principles are rooted in the pursuit of quality and innovation.
We tirelessly pursue goals, delivering only meaningful results.
Quality is the primary criterion for our outcomes. It is the driving force behind our work.
Education and Development
We are constantly evolving, identifying areas for improvement and striving for excellence. Our philosophy is rooted in ongoing development.
Simplicity and Flexibility
We embrace cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes to offer simple yet high-quality solutions. Our philosophy revolves around creating innovative approaches that ensure efficiency and simplicity.
Always focused on success in our collaboration with you.
Orlanda Engineering

Our primary asset, continuously supporting our development, is a team of talented professionals united by a common goal and commitment to excellence. We invite you to learn more about us, our growth, and our achievements.
Lydia Bykovskikh
Lydia Bykovskikh, Head of the Design Department, has been an integral part of the company since its inception. With a higher education in Industrial and Civil
Engineering, Lydia has made a significant contribution to our team. Her professionalism, unique approach to projects, and leadership style based on respect and inspiration make her a key figure in our team.

Besides successfully managing projects, Lydia fosters an atmosphere of creativity and innovation. Her high standards of professionalism are reflected in every project our company is involved in.
Nazar Kakeev
Nazar Kakeev is a top-tier professional whose contribution to our company has been invaluable. With education in Electrical Power Systems and Networks, he has not only acquired profound knowledge but also unique skills that make him a sought-after leader in the field.

In his role as a leader, Nazar has demonstrated outstanding qualities of responsibility and professionalism. His determination and commitment to achieving the highest standards make him an essential part of our team. Nazar excels in his field and serves as an inspiring example for his colleagues.

Karash Nazarov
Karash Nazarov is an experienced professional and a charismatic person who inspires us and elevates the art of cladding to new heights. Under his guidance, our team of experts doesn't just create cladding solutions—they craft true works of art.

Karash possesses extensive experience in cladding buildings for various purposes. He is ready to transform your building into an embodiment of elegance and reliability with his team. Moreover, Karash not only professionally guides the department but also significantly contributes to innovative solutions and technological improvements.

Victor Subbotin
Victor Subbotin is an outstanding leader and professional in industrial and civil engineering, holding the prestigious position of the Head of the Shading and Railing Systems Department at Orlanda Engineering. His steadfast leadership and attention to detail transform complex engineering projects into successful realities.

Specializing in industrial and civil engineering, Victor has extensive experience, enabling him to tackle the most challenging tasks in engineering and construction. His professional journey is marked by a series of successful projects where he demonstrated exceptional skills in management and technical expertise.

Medina Rzayeva
At Orlanda Engineering, Medina holds the Human Resources and Development Manager position, responsible not only for the company's key personnel but also for its growth. Aligned with our high standards and values, her two primary missions are to recruit highly qualified employees, ensure clients receive successful project completions of the highest quality, and lead the company’s growth, helping it constantly improve.

Medina has successfully completed her education in Business Management. Currently, she is actively developing her skills in project management and dedicating significant attention to the creative aspects of her professional activities.
Orlanda Engineering

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