Learn more about the innovative decisions our team has come up with to blend beauty with safety at KBP Complex.
Krakow, Poland
Number of floors: 6
Building type: residential complex
Integrating aluminum shading systems into the architectural framework of the KBP residential complex demanded cutting-edge engineering technologies. The design required meticulous coordination to seamlessly blend with the overall architectural vision while maintaining compatibility with the building's materials. Our mission was to guarantee that shading systems provided optimal support and stability and did so without compromising the building's structural integrity.
Services provided: estimation, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, static calculation, 3D modeling & rendering
Guided by commitment to professionalism, our adept team navigated the intricacies associated with aluminum shading systems, employing advanced 3D modeling and rendering techniques to align seamlessly with the building's aesthetic. Leveraging static calculations, we produced detailed shop drawings, ensuring precision in measurements and prioritizing essential safety elements for a functional and secure outcome.
Orlanda Engineering

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