Get acquainted with the innovative and modern decisions our team has come up with for Liberty Center.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of floors: 11
Building type: office
The project for Liberty Center required a delicate balance between the building's security and modern appearance. To achieve this goal, we recognized the need for professionals well-versed in creating cutting-edge engineering solutions and possessing sound knowledge of aluminum and glass structures. It was crucial that our team took charge, envisioning a simple yet aesthetically appealing and practical solution.
Services provided: shop drawings, fabrication drawings, static calculation
The aluminum and glass railings we’ve designed serve as a security feature, promoting safety within the office and contributing to the unique and modern appearance of the building. Our team of professional engineers developed an accurate static calculation, resulting in detailed shop drawings of the project, representing a perfect balance between security and beauty. This project aligned with our commitment to providing a safe, eye-pleasing, modern workspace for the Liberty Center employees and visitors.
Orlanda Engineering

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