Look at the innovative and modern solution embodied in Maison Tower – a project that blends safety with beauty.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of floors: 11
Building type: residential complex
Incorporating aluminum claddings and aluminum and glass balustrades into the architectural design of the Maison Tower posed a multifaceted engineering challenge. The primary focus was on achieving a seamless integration that not only upheld structural resilience but also complemented the contemporary design of the building. Our mission was to guarantee that selected by client materials contributed to both the structure's visual appeal and structural stability.
Services provided: estimation, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, 3D modeling & rendering
Utilizing advanced design tools, we employed 3D modeling and rendering to visualize and refine the integration of these materials with the building's aesthetic through shop drawings. We ensured precision in measurements and adhered to stringent safety standards, culminating in a functional and aesthetically pleasing outcome.
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