Learn more about the modern design and edge-cutting technologies our team has implemented at Royal Complex.
Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of floors: 20
Building type: residential complex
This multifaceted project required the implementation of unique and cutting-edge engineering technologies alongside the exceptional competence for which our company is reputed. Throughout the project, we prioritized ensuring the safety of the Royal Complex residents and visitors without compromising the elegance and modernity of the architectural design. It was crucial for us to cultivate an atmosphere that exuded space, light, and comfort. Additionally, we aimed to incorporate advanced technologies to achieve maximum functionality and durability of our project.
Services provided: estimation, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, inspection, 3D modeling & rendering
To address these complex challenges, our team of professional engineers prepared detailed shop drawings, seamlessly blending advanced technologies, innovative methodologies, and elegant design decisions. Employing 3D modeling and rendering, we also developed unique aluminum and glass balustrades designs that not only ensure safety but also serve as magnificent decorative elements. This refined design harmoniously complements the overall style of the building, adding sophistication and elegance with our aluminum claddings.
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